First Time Climbers

General Information

Every participant (belayer/climber) who uses the facilities at Coyote Rock Gym must fill out a waiver form that is provided by our insurance company. If you are under 18 yrs. of age then you must have your parent sign the form first before you can participate.

Since you are ready to try indoor rock climbing, you'll need to know a few safety procedures before you get started climbing and/or belaying at Coyote Rock Gym.

First, for every climber using our roped routes, they need a partner on the ground managing the ropes for the climber's safety. This person is called a "belayer." In order to climb and/or belay at Coyote Rock Gym, you will need to complete the Introductory Lesson. To be eligible to belay in the gym, you must be 14 years of age.

If you are already trained to belay with a gri-gri belay device, you don't need to take a class. You simply need to pass our belay test in which you demonstrate proficiency in belaying/lowering to our CRG staff.

Both the Introductory Lesson and the Belay Test are offered free of charge on your first visit to the gym.

Most climbers usually stay or about a 2 hour session. On your first visit you may not last quite so long as your muscles and tendons (and skin!) are not used to the strains of climbing.

On their first visit, most people wear normal workout gear such as shorts or track pants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt. Climbing shoes are recommended as the sticky rubber on the soles helps balance on smaller holds.

Additional facilities incuded change rooms with showers, lockers, and vending machines.

Introductory Lesson

We'll teach climbers age 14 or older how to manage the safety ropes (called belaying), how to fit a harness, and how to tie the rope to it. The entire lesson takes about 30 minutes. New belayers will be allowed to belay unsupervised only after they have mastered safe technique. There is no charge for basic belay training, except for normal admission and equipment rental fees. There is no charge for adults who are learning to belay for children, but are not climbing themselves. However, adults that are not climbing but still belaying must take the Introductory Lesson and fill out a waiver.

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