Every participant (belayer/climber) who uses the facilities at Coyote Rock Gym must fill out a waiver form that is provided by our insurance company.

If you are under 18 yrs. of age then you must have your parent sign the form first before you can participate

Please fill out all sections and make sure the printed name is legible. Please be sure to re-write the acknowledgement phrases on both sides of the waiver.

Waiver Forms

Minor Waiver Form - Form must be signed by parent or legal guardian.

Adult Waiver Form - 18 or over.

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    2017-07-11 7:44:19 AM

    From July 10th to September 1st we will be open from 12-11 weekdays and 12-6 on weekends with the exception of August 4th and 7th, when we will open at 2:00pm.


    2017-06-30 9:07:13 AM

    Wanna get rid of your kids... for four hours? All summer from Monday to Friday, right up to September 1st, you can drop your kids off at Coyote for $30 a day ($120 for the week) from 12-4pm. Our qualified instructors will supervise and belay for them 'till you get back.

    Just listen to these fake testimonials from last summer.

    "Brian had a great time climbing and didn't die or anything while i went shopping." Malory R

    "My daughter attended the Coyote Rock Gym Drop Off Program." David C.