Updates on Re-Opening!

Hello Lovely Patrons!

We want to take this time to thank you so much for your patience as we have been diligently working to get organized for our re-opening. Thank you! We have developed guidelines which we feel are socially responsible and also protect the interests and security of our business. While we understand that many of these guidelines are new, and that some will not be appreciated, we are hopeful that you all will respect these guidelines with the understanding that we hope to help prevent the spread of COVID and a second closing of our city and/or province.

All of that being said, our new gym guidelines are as follows:

  1. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME! Please remember to maintain your distance, do not rush around corners, and be patient with our staff and other climbers.
  2. WAIVERS need to be completed before arriving at the gym.
  3. MINORS who are not members should not be left unattended under any circumstance. Youth program kids 14 and over, pre-comp, and competitive kids are all welcome to be left unattended at the gym.
  4. MASKS are to be worn AT ALL TIMES. We know there are people who will disagree and we understand your perspective but we have staff who are immunocompromised, we know people are traveling outside of Ottawa not wearing masks, and falling can be unpredictable. We cannot afford to be a part of the spread of COVID and get our doors shut again. Please, work with us on this, know that we too are anxious to ease restrictions. *You can remove your mask for the purposes of drinking water – hands get sanitized before removing and putting the mask back on. We will have lots of sanitizer and soap available for use.*
  5. LIQUID CHALK is mandatory. We are making and selling it at a very fair price. We cannot legally call this sanitizer but we are making it with 80% ethyl alcohol, it dries fast and will help keep your hands a bit cleaner. Support local and purchase your liquid chalk from CRG.
  6. INDOOR SHOES will be the new norm. In light of all the concerns with various forms of contact, we have decided to ask patrons to have their feet covered at all times while in the building.
  7. WASHROOMS ONLY. You will be asked to come ready to climb leaving all the unnecessary items at home or in your car. Please understand that at this time, you are not allowed to use the change rooms, water fountains, or lockers.
  8. BRING A WATER BOTTLE. We will have a water bottle refill station available for you to refill your bottles as needed.
  9. PRACTICE RESPONSIBLE PHYSICAL DISTANCING. Be close to those in your bubble only. Masks are not foolproof, air flows via areas of least resistance – Help Keep Ottawa Open!
  10. TOP ROPES ARE OPEN. Again, physical distancing still applies so try to use every second rope or wait your turn for a rope that would otherwise break those guidelines. At this time, we are not allowing lead climbing AND THERE ARE NO TOP-ROPE LESSONS.
  11. SANITIZE! Staff will be expecting you to use our provided hand sanitizer upon entry and as you exit the building. We have sent free sanitizer and staff will be walking around offering up its periodic use, please indulge.
  12. ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY. Please arrive early to help maximize your time on the wall as it allows staff to inform you of new procedures and get everybody checked-in. We are going to be doing 2-hour bookings with a 30 minute transition period to start. If you NO-SHOW on a booking, you will not be allowed to book again for a week so cancel ahead of time and let us know if you do not plan to attend your sessions.
  13. https://coyoterockgym.ca/calendar/ Use this link to book your sessions! If you intend to book more than 4 sessions per week, try to book your fifth session and beyond during the off hours.
  14. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK OR APPEAR SICK! Please do not come into the gym coughing or sneezing, or have any signs of COVID as you will be asked to leave.
  15. THINGS ARE CHANGING QUICKLY. Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding, we have been so happy to see you all your faces again. We appreciate all your support.