Re-re-Opening? Saturday, November 7th

Welcome back folks! You will notice that we are presently restricting some of our time slots to 40 individuals – this is to accommodate our programming. Please, if you can, use some of the day time slots and let us know if you need us to open even earlier – we may be able to make this work.

Please get to booking your time slots, best option is with the RGPro App which also allows you to cancel any bookings that you can no longer attend. Also, when you leave please make sure that you are checking out at the front desk so that we can track how many people are in the gym at any given time.

You are allowed to book two time slots in a row as long as they are not back to back busy time slots. The busy time slots are 7-9 pm and 915-1115 pm. If you are booked for 7 to 9pm but wish to stay for the last time slot, simply ask a staff member if we are fully booked or if they can add you in.

All memberships will be unfrozen at the same time; this is a default of the system. If you wish to freeze your membership please speak to a staff member – there is a monthly charge associated with freezing when the gym is open for business.

Thanks again for all your patience and love during the closure, we are looking forward to eventually getting back to normal and we hope you love what we have done with the place!