Red Zone Procedures

Hey Folks,
As we enter into a Red Zone again we have had to make some serious adjustments at Coyote.
Effective midnight tonight, all memberships will be frozen. If you are in any of our youth or adult programs you will receive an email with more info later this evening. If you are in a program here and you have not received an email by this evening then we don’t have your email address. Please email with any questions.
We have spent hours on the phone today talking to Bylaw, Ottawa Public Health, and Stop the Spread Business Information line. Getting a straight answer out of anyone was hard but it seems we can have up to forty people in the gym if we divide the gym into zones. Moving forward or until they change their minds the gym will be divided as follows. Zone 1: All topropes on the Blue, Green, and Blue Island walls. Zone 2: Yellow area and Red Cave, Zone 3: Boulder and Upstairs Caves, Zone 4: North Wall Area. When you book you must decide which area you want to climb in and stay there.
We have changed our bookings to 1.5 hours and the schedule has changed as a result. If you had a booking coming up it has been CANCELLED. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but there was no way around it. You will have to rebook. If you got bumped out of a spot, we are sorry. Bookings will be open again at 11:30PM tonight.
For the duration of this Red Zone, Coyote climbing will cost $8.00 per session and it is MEMBERS ONLY. That being said, you can buy a Red Zone Punch Pass online (ten passes for $72.00) and be considered a member. If you prefer to just use your membership you can have it unfrozen BUT, once it’s unfrozen, it’s unfrozen until at least your next pay period or if things change at the gym. Make sense? Good.
As usual masks are mandatory at all times and liquid chalk is required. You are still expected to be socially distanced while in your zones. We understand that this is not ideal, but we are doing our best to strike a balance between making the gym accessible to those who want to climb, and at the same time not penalize those who do not feel comfortable coming in during this time.

All the best,