Indoor competition climbing has always been a big part of Coyote Rock Gym. Competitions bring top climbers and routesetters from Ottawa and beyond together.  For our routesetters, comps are a time to showcase climbers’ strengths as well as try to exploit their weaknesses – it’s a time to show newer climbers what’s possible, and make strong climbers push their strengths and abilities further.

If you haven’t experienced competition climbing before, you should come check the next one out. Comps are free for spectators, and the finals round for the Open level climbers always brings out the best from climbers and routesetters. Even better, if you’re curious about competing, you should try it – we have youth and adult Recreational, Experienced, and Open (expert) categories and climbs to suit all skill levels. If you’re too scared to compete but would still like to be involved, then volunteering is a great way to be a part of comps.

Organizing and running a competition requires routesetters, volunteer judges and score keepers, and competitors and their friends and family; this builds community. From the local inter-gym National Capital Bouldering Series events, to MEC Tour de Bloc National Bouldering Championships, and everything in between, Coyote has hosted comps since the gym’s opening in 1992. We are a proud supporter of the Tour de Bloc and have hosted at least one TDB event every year since the national bouldering competition’s inception in 2001, including two TDB National Championships and three Regional Championships. #TDB4LIFE

Climber Seb Lazure at a recent TdB Competition Climbing Men's Open Finals - Coyote Rock Gym Climber Seb Lazure at a recent TDB Competition Climbing Men’s Open Finals – Coyote Rock Gym