Climb 101 (Beginners Adult Climbing Course) Monday 7-9pm

This is directed at beginners and new climbers who are climbing 5.8 or under and/or bouldering in the White to Orange range.  Climbers will learn basic movement, technique, and terminology with an emphasis on safety. Climbing twice a week is imperative to the skill development so we hope you will use your 10 week membership to work on your skills.

Monday 101 with Coach Dom – Monday, September 4th to Monday November 6th

Climb 102 (Intermediate Adult Climbing Course) Saturday 6-8 pm

This is directed at climbers who have taken the 101 course already, or are climbing in the range of 5.9 to 5.11 for routes and/or at red/blue bouldering level.  Climbers will learn more advanced techniques with an emphasis on fitness, flexibility, and injury prevention. Our hope is that these climbers will try to climb a second time a week in order to begin to hone their new skills.

Saturday 102 with Coach Dom – Saturday, September 9th to Saturday, November 11th

Climb 201 (Advanced Adult Climbing course) Sunday 6-8pm

This is directed at climbers who have likely taken the 102 course already or are climbing at a level of 5.10+ or higher and/or are bouldering in the blue to green range.  Climbers will learn how to identify and exploit their weaknesses, build climbing-specific strength, identify physiologic plateaus, and how to break through them. These climbers need to be committed to climbing one time per week for class and two time outside of their pre-determined class time (minimum three times per week). These classes are two hours in duration.

Sunday 201 with Coach Dom – Sunday, September 10th to Sunday, November 12th

Registration info:
  • Adult Climbing Course (101 &102&201) fees:  $300 + HST members  and $450 + HST for non-members (includes a 10 week membership)
  • 10 sessions: 2 hours for 10 weeks (101 &102&201)
  • Rental gear included with non-member pricing if you don’t own your own equipment
  • 8 climbers per session
  • Available for anyone 19+
  • For questions, email
Cancellation Policy:

Please note, once the session has started, we do not issue refunds for any reason. Special circumstances will allow for a credit to your account or transfer to the next session. You can withdraw from the course anytime up to one week before classes start and we will issue a full refund. Please make sure you are intending to attend the program before completing registration with the links below. 

Adult Program Coach

Dominic – Adult Program Coach

Dom started climbing at the young age of 8 spending most of his youth climbing around Victoria and Squamish. He competed for several years throughout highschool before switching his focus to climbing outdoors. Dom climbed his first V10 boulder “The Seam” in Squamish at the age of 17! He has since moved to Ottawa to pursue school and quickly became a positive figure in the local climbing community. Dom has been coaching Coyote’s adult program for the last year, being a wealth of knowledge and experience for those working with him.