In addition to rope climbing routes, Coyote Rock Gym also has many “bouldering” areas which offer different styles of climbing. Bouldering is a great way to hone climbing technique and movement.

Ropes are not required for bouldering as your hands are not allowed to go above 12 feet off the ground. This means that the only equipment needed to boulder are climbing shoes and a chalk bag – both are available to rent at the front desk. Since climbers can boulder without partners, bouldering is a popular way for solo climbers to meet other solo climbers who could then be potential belay partners for rope climbing.

If on your first visit to Coyote Rock Gym you just wish to boulder then you do not need to take the Introductory Course. However, if on a subsequent visit you wish to do roped climbs you must advise a Coyote Rock Gym staff member that you need to take the Introductory Course and learn or show that you know the proper procedure to belay with grigris- this course is free of charge.

All non-member youth boulderers under the age of 14 must have a parent present with them for the duration of their stay. Please note that there are bouldering areas in the gym which are off limits to boulderers under the age of 14, unless they are a member.

Bouldering at Coyote Rock Gym