Youth Climbing Courses (ages 6-18)

Coyote Rock Gym runs three Youth Climbing Course sessions a year through the fall, winter and spring, with a break for Christmas and again in the summer. No experience is necessary, and all levels are welcome.

Youth Climbing Course sessions include both one-on-one scheduled instructor time where each climber has an instructor all to themselves to help them progress on whichever climb or level they have chosen to work on; and group sessions, where climbers are split into groups of similar ability to work on a specific drill/technique/activity suitable for their ability. There is also a specific lesson/drill portion of each session, where Coyote Rock Gym coaches teach a set of specific techniques or run drills/exercises to practice them. Sessions all end with a final round of stretches. On weekends, sessions run a bit differently: we open the gym up early for the youth program (so we have the gym all to ourselves until noon) and combine two youth groups at once with a few extra instructors to help.

Our instructors have lots of experience working with kids of all ages. We have a whole crew  of strong climbers that help us carry out the lessons/drills and helping the kids one-on-one. The Youth Program coaching team is made up from the gym’s staff,  regular gym members, and older members from our youth competitive team. There’s a great mix of styles and experience for the kids to draw from.

2019/2020 Youth Program Schedule & Pricing*  


Beginner – Ranges from no experience with climbing to less than one year of coaching.

Intermediate – A year or greater of experience with climbing classes, good working understanding of basic concepts and how to apply them to their climbing.

Advanced – Kids that are ready to be challenged, have been in the program for several years, have learned and can make use of the basic concepts of climbing as well as all the beginner and intermediate skills previously learned.

Kids who have been in our program over the past year or longer will be placed based on our understanding of their working knowledge of climbing skills and concepts.

6 & 7 year old options – Monday/Friday 5 to 630 pm. Link to registration below:

8 to 10 year old options – Wednesday 430 to 630pm, Saturday/Sunday 9 am to 11 am. Link to registration:

11 to 13 year old options – Tuesday/Thursday 430 to 630 pm, Saturday/Sunday 11 am to 1 pm. Link to registration:

14 to 18 year olds – Monday through Friday 630 to 830 pm. Link to registration:

Cost of program varies, please complete the registration form if you wish to determine the exact cost for your childs programming. If you are registering multiple children we ask that you email after completing the registration forms to ensure you get your discount.

Pre competitive  ages 8-18 // two or three times a week

If you have a child who has been in the Youth Program previously and is interested in competing or just refining their skills then this could be what you’re looking for.  Try-outs for the pre-competitive team are held each May, this is an opportunity for coaches to get to know the kids, and group them according to age, skill and mental fortitude. Email for more information. The 2020 try-outs will be held at 6pm on May 31st. The link below is for the registration form which will need to be filled out prior to try-outs.


If your child has not visited out gym before, you will need to make sure to fill out an online waiver before completing the registration form.

Please note, once the session has started, we do not issue refunds for any reason. Special circumstances will allow for a credit to your account or transfer to the next session. You can withdraw from the course anytime up to two weeks before classes start and we will  issue a refund minus a 10% administrative fee.