Covid-19 – Gym Closed until further Notice

Hey Folks,

We are now officially closed in order to help mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus. Please know that we are keeping a close eye on the situation as it evolves and we will be keeping you apprised of the happenings at Coyote as we receive more information. We thank you kindly for your patience and hope to see you back climbing in the next couple of weeks.

Also, programs will be put on ‘pause’ – we are still unsure of the duration of the closure. While you may have many questions about what this means for your child’s youth program we ask that you remain patient as we all figure this out together; the situation is fluid. As always you can email if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you, as always, to our loyal members and patrons for your support during this difficult. If you are looking for something to do while the gym is closed please visit the websites of Kris Hamptom at (home training routine) and Training for Climbing for Eva Lopez’s max finger strength protocols.

Stay healthy and reach out on Facebook or via email if you need to speak to any of the management team here at CRG.